(Special Needs Professionals of Silicon Valley)
SNP strives to better support professionals who help families and children with unique needs. By educating and learning from one another, we promote professional growth and collaboration - raising the standards for care and service in our local community.
The members of SNP create a unique, high-quality, trusted, multi- disciplinary network of support and resources. 
SNP strives to create a collabarative community so that our clients, and their families, are better served, and we become better professionals. 
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  1. Saturday, January 12th
    Self Determination IF Training
    SNP has been invited to join a Self Determination Independent Facilitator Training. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about becoming an Independant Facilitor.
  2. Wednesday, March 27th
    Griffith Dentistry
    Watch for the Evite and make sure to come enjoy and learn from this great opportunity. It will be an evening event and will also provide time to network, find new resources for clients and enjoy great conversation.
  3. TBD
    Your Business
    For information on events listed, or if you are interested in Showcasing your Special Needs business or services, contact us and let us know! [email protected]
  4. Monthly
    Board Meetings
    The Executive Board and Full Board alternate meeting the second Friday of each month ay noon. If you have an item for the Agende, contact a Board Member. If you want to attend a meeting, let us know!